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9/28- Charlotte

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ya know how jehovah’s witnesses just go around door to door asking people if they wanna talk about god well what if we did that with harry styles

Things One Direction would say during sex


  • hahahahahah
  • this is the craic
  • a wey heyyyy
  • haha


  • vas happenINNG
  • ya drink it ya drink it ya drink it ya drink it
  • uhm yeah…. its cool
  • whatevs
  • buy little mix’s album


  • i am liam god damn payne
  • babe are you alright
  • why are you screaming
  • you ok love
  • get a proper job
  • its okay because dick is actually a man’s name


  • aw yah
  • platinum album
  • my ass is fab
  • *girly screams*


  • want to hear a knock knock joke
  • no i wont strangle you
  • rock me yeaAAHHH
  • wot
  • want to fuck on one of my 9 cars
  • cool! awesome!
  • oggy oggy oggy ogggyy
  • said i had a dirty mouth
  • whatd you do that for

This Is Us: Teenage Dirtbag

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Zayn not havin it- a masterpost 

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TMH- Raleigh, NC 22/06/13

soooo if you guys want/are interested i finally finished the TMH link on my blog

that includes most of the

pics/gif/vids from the concert

feel free to look right hereee


if you’re going to the one direction concert this saturday in raleigh, nc please message me!! :))

is it socially acceptable to bring a one direction cut-out to prom

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same glozell, SAME

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I honestly don’t understand why everyone hates “Haylor so much” I personally am a fan of Taylor Swift, in fact I adore her, and to see people send hate to her as much as they are is hard to deal with.

She’s not a crazy girl who’s slutty and likes to get drunk and go to night clubs.. she’s a 22 year old who writes music and bakes cookies with her cat on most nights (via twitter and instagram) seriously why is she such a bad person?

Yes, we all know she has dated plenty of guys but that doesn’t make her a slut? A slut is only if you have sexual relations with every guy you date. Harry Styles is a good fucking person and so is she and if they date who cares. It especially doesn’t matter because you’re opinion is irrelevant, if two people are happy then let them fucking be together.

I also feel sorry for you if you send hate to Taylor Swift because “Harry is yours” I’m sorry but Harry Styles will never be yours so shutup. I love One Direction, and they are my babies but I know when to draw the line.

Some people are blowing this possible “relationship” WAY out of proportion, it’s two people who are happy, get over it. It’s honestly not that big of a deal, and I still can’t figure out why everyone hates it so much.

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my mom buys a new christmas ornament every year and this one you have to put a picture in it and she said i should put one in and oh i did

harry christmas everyone